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tv   Senator Bernie Sanders I-VT Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire  CSPAN  September 23, 2015 6:23am-7:48am EDT

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[applause] >> now, i wish i could sugar coated and not be as blunt as i am about the issue. it's just the truth. fear of new hampshire and my state of vermont. one person, one vote. that's called democracy where i come from.
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the supreme court said to the wealthiest people of this country, all right, guys, you already own and that is precisely what they are doing now. what that means that have you ever -- virtually every president has a superpac is that millionaires and billionaires spend on top of that. a family that wants to end social security, end medicare and medicaid tanned -- and the environmental agency. $900million. that is more money that either
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the democratic party or republican party will spend. when you have one family spending more money than either of the major political parties, my friend, you are not looking at democracy and that is has got to change. [applause] [screams] >> i have not made many campaign promises so far. probably make them once ahead but not so far but there's one promise i want to repeat to you. no no, no, no, nominee will get
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that unless they will overturn citizens united. [applause] >> now, we are in a school here in elementary school here in new hampshire and i know that every person in this room in new hampshire and throughout the country is concerned about education because we all understand that we live in a highly competitive global economy and we all know. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, if we do not have the best educated workforce, it'll be very hard for the economy to grow and be strong and create the jobs for our kids. in that context it is beyond my
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comprehension how we have a sipción today where hundreds of thousands of bright qualified young people who have the ability to go to college, who have the desire to go to college cannot go to college for one simple reason, the family doesn't have money. that is unconscionable when we think about the future of america and our need to capture all of the intlct -- intellectual to make sure that every college in america is tuition free.
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[applause] >> now, i'm going to do that just because it makes sense, not just because many countries around the world are competeing already do it. i am going to do it for the kids in this elementary school here in new hampshire. [applause] >> and -- and some of you are saying, well, what is he talking about? what does that have to do, well, i tell you what it has to do. i grew up in a family where my mom and dad never went to college. most of the friends they had never went to college. all over america you have kids
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low-income kids, participants didn't go to college. they don't know anybody who did go to college and the idea sitting here in the fifth grade that they might some day go to college is about the distenant that they -- distant than go to the moon. if you study hard, if you take school seriously, if you do well in school, yes, you will be able to go to college regardless of the income of your families. [applause] >> that is revolutionary because it will give hope and change the
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attitude of millions of children in this country who then will know, that if they study hard they will have a good future. when we talk about higher education, there's another issue that we have to address, that's the absurdity of millions of children in this country who are struggling under horrendous debt. it makes no sense to carry interest rate of 6, 8-10% when they can finance our home at 2-3%. our legislation allow us to do that. [applause] >> i talked to too many people who are paying 20-25% of their income in student debt, can't buy a car, sometimes can't get
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married and have kids. that's pretty crazy. so we are going to da with student debt as well. when we talk about our responsibilities as human beings, adults, parents, there's nothing more important in my view than making certain that we leave our planet habitable and healthy for our children and our grandchildren. [applause] >> and i speak to you as a member of both the senate and committee and the senate and environmental committee, i'm telling you that the scientific community has decided very clearly that the debate is over. climate change is real, climate
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change is caused by human activity, look at the wild fires in california, the heat wave in pakistan. climate change is causing problems around the country and around the world and if we do not get our act together, the situation will become much worse in years to us, what the scientists are telling us, if we continue business as usual, by the end of the century, imagine this, planet eat -- earth will be 5-10-degrees warmer than it is today, more international war and conflict as people fight for limited natural resources, for war and land. in my view, we have a moral
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responsibility to lead the world, to work with china, india and transforming our system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] >> one of my themes has been to beg the american people, to think big, not small, to not get into the mind set where we cut education by 2%. forget in the mind set that if we do that little thing or that little thing, to understand that in the wealthiest country in the
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history of the world, if we stand together there's nothing that we cannot accomplish. let me give you one example. the united states of america today is the only major wealthy country on earth that does not guaranty health care to all people as a right. we are the only ones. [applause] >> now, i voted for the affordable care act. it has done a lot of good things. we have cig nick -- significantly increase the number, we have 30 million americans without health insurance and many of you who have high insurance have high deductibles and high copayments. and yet at the end of all of that, as a nation we end up spending far more than any other
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country per health care. in my view, the united states should guaranty health care to all of our people as a right. we can do it in a cost-effective day by moving toward a medicare for a single payer program. [applause] >> if every other major country can do it, we can do it as well. we will spend less per capita on health care as we current i will do. i am the ranking member, the leader of the democratic opposition on the budget committee and i want to take a second and talk about values, which is what is reflected in
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the federal budget which then goes to the the appropriations committee. some of you may know but most of you don't the nature of the republican budget that passed the congress. at the time when 30 million americans still have no health insurance, the republicans voted to end the affordable care act, make massive cuts in medicaid, throw 27 million people off of health insurance and when you asked them as i do, well, what happens to 27 million more americans who have no health insurance, how many of them die and how many will get much sicker. they have no response. not one of their interest. you'll notice that in the recent debate nobody talked about the fact that 30 million americans have no health insurance and that millions more are
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underinsured. not their concern. when you talk about budget when millions of families are struggling, republican budget over a ten-year period cut pel grants by $90 billion. and then when you talk about the reality of millions of families can't afford to feed families adequately. republican budget cut nutrition program including program for pregnant women. to add insult to injury to tell you what the priorities are of the republican party is cutting health care, education, nutrition. they provided $250 billion in
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tax breaks to the top two tenths of 1%. brothers and sisters, those are not the priorities of the american people and we will not accept them. [applause] >> and then when you have many republicans including a number of presidential candidates coming before us and telling us that we have got to cut social security. well, let me tell you i am not going to cut social security when you have millions of seniors trying to survive on $12,000 a year. we are going to expand social
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security benefits, not cut them. [applause] >> i mentioned earlier as a nation i believe we have made significant progress in ending racism in this country but there's no doubt in my mind that we have a very, very long way to go. and when i talk about racism i'm not just talking about a very, very sick person who walks into a charleston, south carolina prayer system and takes out a gun and kills nine of them because the color of his skin are different than his. and i'm not even talking about the hundreds of groups in this country, hates groups who whose whole function is to promote
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against blacks, gays, immigrant, juice -- jews, catholics, any group that's different than me. you have african americans killed while in police custody. that is unacceptable and that has got to change. [applause] >> we need major, major reforms in criminal justice. i was a mayor and worked with the police department. the vast majority of the police officers work hard. many are underpaid, many are
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overworked, many have crazy schedules, and they are trying to do their best under the typical circumstances, but like any other public official when a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. [applause] >> and when we talk about creating the nation that we must become, many my view, we have to understand that we have 11 million people that are undocumented and in my view, we should not be demagoguing those people, we should not be attacking them in vicious language, we should not be calling them rapists and criminal when the vast majority are hard working, and in my view what we need to do in this country is move toward to a
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comprehensive reform and path towards citizenship. [applause] >> all of you know, i wish i could tell you differently but it is the truth. we live in a very crazy complicated and dangerous world. turn on tv and you see things that make you nauseous cutting off people's heads, turning children into sexual slaves, horrible, hobble -- horrible things. this is what i will tell you and that is i heard what george w. bush and dick cheney had to say about iraq back in 2002, i listened to what they said, i analyzed what they said and i
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concluded they were not telling the truth. [applause] and that is why i voted against the war in iraq. [applause] >> and i am not proud or happy to tell you that if you go to youtube go to my website and read what i said back then about my fears about what will happen of the destabilization of the region, a lot of what i said turns out to be true. right now we have another gloal situation, foreign policy situation, and that is, i believe, that it's imperative that iran not get a nuclear weapon, but i also believe that what we have got to do is to do everything we can to achieve that goal without going to war.
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[applause] >> and that is why i strongly support what the president and secretary kerry have negotiated, and i can guaranty that it will work, i can't, nobody can. a great nation like ours should do anything as possible to resolve international conflict without going to war understanding that war is the last resort, not the first resort. [applause] >> many of you have been patient. this is probably hat back there as it is back here, and let me
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just conclude by saying this, we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. we are smart people, we are incredibly hard-working people. if we do not let some divide us up by whether we are black or white or hispanic or asian american, if we do not allow them to divide us up as whether we are a man or a woman, whether we are gay or straight, whether we are born in this country or someone else, when we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. everything that i have told you, this is stuff that existed in many cases around the world. what we have got to do to make these things is engage with
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political revolution with friends that don't vote, given up on the political process. they have got to get involved. fighting not only for themselves but for their kids and parents. [applause] and that's all. that's what a political revolution is about in saying no. i'm not asking you to spend as much time discussing the important issues facing our country as we do. i wouldn't ask that of you. that's too much. but at least let's reach out to our friends and say, you know what, we are fighting for the future of this country. thank you all very much.
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[applause] [shouting] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. [shouting] >> thank you. >> okay. who else has a mic? who does? let me have one -- let's take a few questions. do you have somebody? >> hello, senator sanders, i want to thank you for all the great things you have done for
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our country. >> thank you. i'm a student in new hampshire and i'll be voting in the next election and most of the things that matter for voters is internet privacy, i would like for you to share your thoughts about the national security agency. >> thank you, excellent question. you know, it's funny in vermont and new hampshire on issue of civil liberties we feel strong than many parts of the country. i have honestly heard people say to you in terms of the nsa, nsa is tapping my phone. i don't really care, i'm not a terrorist, what do i care. i think that privacy rights, you can read whatever you want to
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read, that's your business and it's not the government's business. and by the way, it's not just the government, corporate business as well. they have more information -- [applause] >> i want you to know a couple of things. it is clear to everybody or should be that technology has far outpaced public policy. all right. you know that this little cell phone enables somebody to know exactly where i am at this moment. that's a fact. and between the governments intercepting your phone calls and logging them and between corporate america knowing everything you buy or maybe getting into medical records or banking records, i think we have seen a huge invasion of civil liberties and constitutional
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rights and american privacy. let me just say there -- this to you, this one in 9/11. i voted against the usa patriot act. [applause] >> and that wasn't popular and i voted and i voted against the reauthorization of the patriot act because i believe -- this is what i believe. do i believe terrorism is a threat to the country, i sure i will do. there are people that want to hurt us, but i happened to believe that we can do that without undermining the constitution of the united states and the privacy rights of the american people. thank you for the question. there's an enormous amount of work that has to be done. public policy has not kept up with technology. technology is exploding every
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single day. in my view, the american people should be allowed to live their life without the government and corporate america knowing as much about their lives as they current i will do. [applause] >> okay. >> i came from pennsylvania yesterday and before i go home i wanted to ask you a very important question. you talk about overturning systems united and we need to think big of create revolution. congress doesn't work by having representatives -- elected representatives, we simply logging onto website and secure
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online banking or taxes online, do you think a key to overrule citizens united is to bring congress to allow themselveses to represent in the legislative process? >> i think it's a little more complicated with that to be honest with you. i do believe that technology and social media radicalized. so i would answer your question in saying, i think we have got to expand the ability of the american people to communicate with their members of congress and as president, i would certainly do that, but i don't think that you can just run the
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government through the internet. i'm old fashion enough that we should elect people to represent us. [applause] >> i am old fashion too and i wanted to talk about the idea of disfranchisement instead of having to give up day's pay to be able to vote. another would be to investigation motivation from keeping people from voting which seems to be taking hold in a lot of different places. >> you're right on both counts. we have introduced legislation to make voting day a national
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holiday. we've done that. [applause] >> look, we have one of the lower voter turnouts of any major country on earth. a lot of reasons for it but clearly in every way we should try to make it easier for people to participate in the political practice and not harder and you were very kind on the second question of what we call voter suppression. it is not questionable, it is not hard to understand why certain states, re, republican states with republican governments and republican legislatures are making it harder for people to vote. i will tell you why. i feel passionate about this issue. i run through office and i have
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to go out to people from my state and tell them what i believe and fight for votes. it has never once occurred to me to figure out a way to make it hard for people to vote because they might disagree with me. that's cowardless. [applause] >> all those governors and those legislatures are figuring out how to make it harder for people to vote, color people, older people, students. if you don't have no case to defend your political, get a job. [applause] >> okay. >> hi, good evening, thank you very much for speaking and
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allowing me to ask a question. this is a question regarding something that's very dear to me and i believe extremely important to the future of the people in this country, doing research i'm gh in harvard med school, i was wondering what specific ideas for awareness and specially funding for scientific research and specially for medical research. >> good. [applause] >> one of the main things that's going on in congress right now, a congress that is controlled by a right-wing republican party. they give tax breaks to the wealthy people in the country rather than invest in scientific research.
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if we look in medicine in america, what do we know. if we don't get a handle or try to come up with a effective treatment for alzheimer's we are going to be spending unbelievable sums of money, diabetes and other illnesses. let me throw another issue, maybe not your issue, mental health issues. we have a huge mental health crisis in this country. [applause] >> so investing in trying to understand the causation of those illnesses and figuring out a way to treat them is the human-thing to do and save us money. last point i make about that, in
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america we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. one out of five americans -- the doctor writes the script for you, you can't afford to fill it. what sense is that. so we have god -- got to demand to make sure that the pharmaceutical industry in the country stop ripping off the american people. [applause] >> maybe a couple more questions. >> how is it going, bernie? >> good. >> one of the things that i'm worried about is my debt is going to be massive. every year my tuition is $63,000, yeah. tuitions are high and i appreciate the fact that you are trying to make public
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institutions free. i am incredibly worried about private loans, interest rates are high. my is going to be 8.26%. >> 8.2? >> frozen. it can go up to 25%. >> all right. this is insanity. what's your name, by the way? >> robert. >> robert. >> the question is what we are going to do about it. everything being equal, you're going to leave school deeply in debt, 8% interest rate, 20-25% of the income that you earn of your job when you leave school. it's going to tie your hands as to what you can do in your life, is that right? >> right. >> i have talked to a young woman in my state that went to medical care and she's now a
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physician working with low-income people. her debt was $300,000, we have a major dental crisis in america, not enough dentists. talked to a woman in iowa $400,000 in debt. there's a lot that we can do. let me just summarize it by saying, you should not be paying 8.2% interest rates. what sense is it, when you go out and get a home, you want to refinance and you can do it at 2-3%, why should you be stuck at 8%? our legislation does two things, number one says go out and get the lowest interest rates that you can. they will be a hell of a lot lower. the federal government should not be making billions of dollars in profits off of --
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[applause] >> if we do those two things it will substantially lower your student -- your total student debt. what you have to pay off. well, bernie, you want to make public colleges and private free. how are you going to pay for that? $70billion a year. you know how we are going to do it, tax on wall street speculation. [applause] >> when wall street crashed the middle class of the country bailed them out. it's wall street's turn to help out. okay. last -- last question.
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>> hi, i came from massachusetts and as an asian student i would like to know, right now there's a lot of jobs that require you two -- to have two years to get hired. i want to know your opinion because a lot of students for them to be able to get a job, first of all, they have to go get internship and a lot of those internships are hard to get because there's a lot of competitions and there's a lot of people going for those positions. ii would like to know what's your opinion on that. >> let me tell you this on the issue on internships. in many ways, it is a modern form of exploitation.
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[applause] >> and i will honest with you and i did not fully appreciate that until a few years ago, somebody educated me on this issue. here is the story and i think it's relevant to your question. if a person comes from a family that comes money, that kid of that family can intern for nothing, make contacts, learn what he or she has to learn, right, and apply for a job, look, i interned here and you get hired, but what happens if you don't have a will the of money, are you going to be able to do an internship for zero pay? you can't do that. we changed our policies in washington. we have interns in our senate office. as i understand it most interns in washington are paid zero. we are paying the highest rates 12 bucks an hour just for that
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reason. not for 12 bucks an hour they are going to live high, but at least they can stay alive while getting their internship experience. i think that's an important issue. let me just thank you all for being out here this morning. it's a goodies cushion, we -- good discussion. i think we have a good chance of winning here in new hampshire with your help. [applause] if we do well in new hampshire and i think we are going to do well in iowa, were going to have a path to victory and make history. thank you all very much. [applause] [shouting]
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>> thank you very much. >> i just want to say that i'm going to be 18 and i'm so excited to vote for you. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much, senator. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you. >> congratulations. you've done a great job.
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[inaudible conversations] >> all campaign law, c-span takes you on the road to the white house, unfiltered access to the candidates at town hall meetings, news conferences, rallies and speeches. we are taking your comments on twitter, facebook and by phone. and always at a campaign event we cover is available on our website at >> the pope's visit to the u.s. c-span has live coverage from washington, d.c. debate on c-span, c-span radio and at the welcoming ceremony for the pope at the
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obama's officially welcome them to the white house. later at for the mass and canonization at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. thursday morning c-span live coverage begins from capitol hill as pope francis makes history becoming the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of congress. later at 11:30 a.m. the pontiff will hold a multi-religious service at the 9/11 memorial and museum world trade center. all of c-span's coverage live on tv or online at >> federal agencies often set out what are called guidance documents to clarify issues in existing regulation. today a senate subcommittee will look at whether the education and


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